Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sweet 2015 European Spring Trends

Spring Trends 2015 | Lady Lucas Blog
A weekly handout from my fav store, Depot! - Note the use of lots of English words thrown in with German ones.
I attended Creativ Salzburg with my hubby David this past weekend, and really enjoyed looking at all the wonderful Spring trends currently going on in Europe. 

Spring Trends 2015 | Lady Lucas Blog
Creative Salzburg - A Gift Industry Trade Show.
Can't wait for the one in the fall!
 So... what's big right now?

Pastels : Pinks, light green, white and light red is hot!
Yellow, Black & White : This combination is in just about every lifestyle shop. Black vases with white dots, yellow hens with black ribbons, etc. etc.
Rabbits : White ceramic rabbits are popular, as well as ones made of wood.
Affordability : I was shocked at the price point for most of the goods on display. Many items were under $10 {retail}. Just when I thought the handmade maker movement was making a big comeback, it seems that mass produced items are bigger than ever.

Spring Trends 2015 | Lady Lucas Blog
I loved this stand so much.
Their products are lovely and the colors reflect what's hot now here in Austria.
 What trends have you noticed lately in the US? Or the UK? Comment below!

Spring Trends 2015 | Lady Lucas Blog
After all the isles of walking, a snack was definitely needed.
Pretzels are everywhere here, and I'm not complaining! ;)
xo Ashley

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