Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cupcakes + Owls is Moving!

Little Owl Lane by Lady Lucas

After much thought and consideration, I have gone ahead and purchased the domain (which is automatically directed to my new blog of the same name). This new blog will feature new art pieces that I create, and will be much more streamlined in its offerings and content.

Little Owl Lane by Lady Lucas

I want to thank you ALL for reading my posts, trying out my craft ideas, and sharing my content. Pretty please sign up for the new blog by email so you don't miss a post! (Go to the top right corner and enter your email where it says, 'Follow by email')

Cupcakes + Owls will remain live as an archive so you can still access the same cute and crafty ideas!

So much love,

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Falling in Love with Wall Stickers

Custom Vinyl Wall Mural by Lady Lucas

This week I discovered a magical little medium here in Salzburg called, 'Klebefolie'. It's sold at the local hardware store and you can purchase it in a rainbow of different colored solid colors.

Custom Vinyl Wall Mural by Lady Lucas

I decided on two bold hues {magenta and black} because I had a silhouette cityscape motif in mind.

I found the roll of vinyl to be easy to cut out with a regular pair of children's scissors. Once a shape is complete, simply peel the paper backing off and adhere it to the wall smoothing out any bumps with a credit card.

Custom Vinyl Wall Mural by Lady Lucas

Custom Vinyl Wall Mural by Lady Lucas

Custom Vinyl Wall Mural by Lady Lucas

I am so happy with the result and my hubby David has suggested that I offer some custom sets that people can purchase for decoration, so I'll be working on those in the coming weeks!


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Adult Coloring Book Guide

Perfect for: Adult coloring book parties, BBQ's, Summer Parties, Ice Cream Birthdays, Gelaterias
Page Count: 10

I'm so pleased to see the rise in popularity of adult coloring books. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! I've been working hard trying to stock my Etsy store with some great printable coloring book options, so today I wanted to share with you my current coloring books. Of course, all of these options are perfect for children as well!
Cute Characters Coloring Book
Perfect for: Adult coloring book parties, Birthdays
Page Count: Over 40

Perfect for: Adult coloring book parties, Halloween Parties, a Gift for Halloween Collectors
Page Count: 10
Perfect for: Adult coloring book parties, NYC Events, Restaurants & Cafes, Street Fairs
Page Count: Over 40

Perfect for: Adult coloring book parties, Vegetarians
Page Count: Over 40

As far as my favorite material to actually color with, colored pencils always win! You have the option of many lovely colors, and lots of control because of the fine point. Also, as a teacher for many years I always enjoy Crayola's quality, durability and shelf life.

Crayola Colored Pencils
My favorite coloring tool - colored pencils from Crayola!
(image from Crayola's website)
Until next week... ;)
xo Ashley

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Salzburg Sweeties - Painting Series

Salzburg Animal Art Series by Lady Lucas
'Blumen Bunny' by Lady Lucas
This week I started a series of paintings for my new art school in Salzburg. I wanted something small and cheery to put on the front wall of the room, so these four little creatures seemed to have fit the bill nicely ;)

Salzburg Animal Art Series by Lady Lucas

First I prepped each canvas with two coats of bright, acrylic paint...

Salzburg Animal Art Series by Lady Lucas

Then I drew lightly on each with a pencil to make the outline of the character.

Salzburg Animal Art Series by Lady Lucas

Next it was time for the Sharpie marker!

Salzburg Animal Art Series by Lady Lucas

After painting each animal, I retraced the black lines in Sharpie again for a bold look.

Salzburg Animal Art Series by Lady Lucas

Each 'sweetie' is a combination of English and German. Blumen Bunny, Keks Cat, Ballon Bird and Pommes Panda.

I've also turned all four characters into art prints, 
which you can purchase now in my Etsy store!

xo Ashley

PS - In case you missed it, here's the next episode of 'Cute Crafts' up on YouTube : 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Merry Leon Day!

Gingerbread Heart Design by Lady Lucas

Today is a special holiday that you may not have heard of yet... it's Leon Day (Noel spelled backwards) and it is officially the halfway mark to Christmas! This holiday is becoming quite popular with crafters and creatives - because frankly - it's a great excuse to take a break from the heat and dream about snowmen and gingerbread houses!

Elf Design by Lady Lucas
I decided to take a little time out of my day to work on some designs for my 2015 Christmas card collection. Since I'm living abroad in Salzburg this year, I wanted to incorporate some local themes into the concepts above. Gingerbread hearts are extremely popular here in the wintertime, as well as all sorts of elves and forest beings.

Lots of other artists have been getting into the Christmas spirit already. Check out these adorable Christmas ornaments by Patience Brewster! I would love to receive this cutie in my stocking this December.
Patience Brewster Olivia Owl Ornament
If you've been working on some art or crafts for Christmas lately, share the link below in the comments! I would love to see whatever you have dreamed up...

Love & Eggnog, Ashley

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Whimsical Wall Art

Whimsical Wall Art | By Lady Lucas
Just a little reminder that there is some really cute wall art available for purchase in my Etsy store this week. Purchase and print for an instant decoration in your home or office. All art available is suitable for classrooms, libraries or as a great, affordable gift. Frame it or attach with colorful washi tape!
xo Ashley

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easy Easter Eggs Craft Tutorial

Easter Egg Craft Tutorial | Cute Crafts with Lady Lucas

Wanna make some super easy Easter Eggs this week? Here's how:

Materials you will need:
  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Paintbrush 
  • Cup of water
  • Scissors
  1. Color a sheet of watercolor paper with pastel colored watercolor pencils. Add zigzags and shapes for interest.
  2. Dip a paintbrush into water and go over all watercolor pencil lines in order to make the colors blend and become more vivid.
  3. Cut egg shapes out with scissors
  4. Use as gift tags for Easter baskets or get creative and make a cute fairy wand like the one shown above.
What crafts did you love making around Easter time when you were a child? Comment below to share with us!

xo Ashley 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

10 Adorable Easter Ideas

10 Adorable Lady Lucas Easter Ideas

Salzburg is currently experiencing Easter overload, as our neighborhood prepares to welcome the beautiful holiday on April 5, 2015. I've been creating artwork, craft ideas, and more this month, and thought it would be a good idea to organize everything in a simple list for your enjoyment:

here's a simple and sweet felting tutorial

this craft is the perfect weekend idea
for moms & kids

a collection of beautiful, fresh and floral
spring inspiration

this cool craft comes with a FREE printable

a lovely piece of art that can be printed instantly, 
featuring my newest character Szilla the Duck

another Lady Lucas instant print that is
extra special because it is part of a limited run

some of my handpicked handmade finds

a great way to entertain the kiddos during a 
spring birthday party

in minutes, you can make a charming fairy garden

here's one of my handmade pieces, perfect for an
Easter present!

Happy Easter All!
xo Ashley

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Lady Lucas 'How to Draw' Series

How to Draw Owls | Printable Tutorial | by Lady Lucas

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to share with you... I'm super excited to announce that I'm developing a 'How to Draw' series for YouTube and Etsy. I'll be offering a few printable drawing tutorials {perfect for children!} and will also release a companion video featuring one of the subjects from the tutorial around the same time. This new series is meant to help teachers and parents encourage creativity and a love of drawing in their students and children.

How to Draw Owls | Printable Tutorial | by Lady Lucas

My first kit is now available in my Etsy Store : How to Draw Owls with Lady Lucas.

How to Draw Owls | Printable Tutorial | by Lady Lucas

Next week I'll be releasing the companion video on YouTube!

xo Ashley

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Thank you so much!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Turkeys, Roosters & Snowdrops

Turkey Photography by Lady Lucas
These two old fellas {or ladies?} were talking turkey and seemed to own the territory.
I'm a huge animal lover, and I'll take any opportunity to visit them, look at them or hold them! Luckily, in a city where I haven't seen more than two or three wild creatures in a span of two months, this lovely nature preserve right outside of Salzburg city was just what I needed last weekend.

Snowdrop Photograph by Lady Lucas
Snowdrops in full bloom!
Rooster Photo by Lady Lucas
This rooster was really just showing off.
I don't know the name of this farm, but I will try and find out so I can post it here for others. Basically, geese, flamingos, turkeys, hens, roosters, goats and pigs all live together in harmony.

Rooster & Cat Photo by Lady Lucas
Cats walking freely with birds. Such a great sight!
You're allowed to bring bread and veggies to the animals which is another great part of a day trip here.

Hen Photo by Lady Lucas
Isn't she lovely?
Flamingo Photo by Lady Lucas
Flamingos in Salzburg?? Yes!
Austria Photo by Lady Lucas

Goat Photo by Lady Lucas
Sound of Music Pond by Lady Lucas
This pond appeared in 'The Sound of Music' and is located steps away from the nature preserve.
Animals are always a joy. These guys made my week!

xo Ashley