Monday, July 28, 2014

'My Writing Process' Blog Tour

Emily Helck
{A picture of Emily from her Twitter profile that I love}
I was invited to this exciting 'My Writing Process Blog Tour' by the lovely and talented Emily Helck. I met Emily years ago in Jersey City while she was a curator at Art House Productions. Since that time, I have enjoyed Emily's writing immensely and was moved to tears by some of her pieces relating to her battle with breast cancer. The raw depictions she provides in her blog {along with a good dose of humor} are touching to say the least. Thank you Emily for inviting me to this blog tour! 
Now, here goes the part where I talk about my writing process ;)

The Angry Artist
"The Angry Artist" a picture book for creatives. Click above for the video!
1) What am I currently working on?

I'm  very excited about my current project called, "The Angry Artist", which I'm deeming the first picture book exclusively for creative people. Since this project is more about sharing my experience and trying to make others smile in the process, the whole concept is to give the book away for free. Pretty please sign up for my email list this week so you get your own digital copy this August! 
2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
I would say my work is very 'straight to the point' and simplistic in lots of ways. It's very similar to my art style.
3) Why do I write what I write? 
I write about what I'm thinking about the most at the moment. Whether it be a special person, holiday or story I just need to get out.
4) How does my writing process work?
Believe it or not, I actually enjoy drawing stories before ever writing the words. I know for most author/illustrators it may go the other way around, but for me I love to see my story first. My first children's book, 'Boo, Bat & Pumpkin Throw a Party' I illustrated entirely before ever writing the first word.

5) What special bloggers/writers would you like to introduce to this tour?
Art of Crafts

Alison Wood of Art-of-Crafts.Net
I met Alison a few years ago via an online crafting community that we were both involved in. Since that time I have corresponded with her many times, and have written various crafting tutorials for her website. She is an amazing advocate of crafters in the UK {and worldwide!} and runs an awesome website relating to arts & crafts. She hosts lots of giveaways, competitions and offers great written content daily so check her website out today!

Stephanie Olivieri
Stephanie Olivieri
I first noticed Stephanie's work on LinkedIn, as we are in many of the same illustrator groups there. I always thought her art was charming, so I was so happy that she responded when I reached out to her for this post! She is an illustrator and writer. Click on her website to see her charming artwork as well as how to purchase it.

Fresh Traveler
Patricia Serrano
Patricia attended a workshop that I was a part of this summer at NYU's Tisch school of the arts. She is a talented writer, traveler and filmmaker! Her very approachable personality is apparent in her writing style. Visit her website for some wonderful 'adventures off the beaten path'.

The lovely ladies I've chosen to feature above are all very busy with their own businesses at the moment, so although they may not be able to participate with this blog tour right away,as, and if their schedules allow, I will post the dates for their blog posts in the comments section below.

Thanks as always for reading!
xo Ashley

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Celebrating 'The Right Thing to Do' with Teresa Chi!

Teresa Chi

Last week I got to meet Teresa Chi for a very special celebration involving her book called, 'The Right Thing to Do'. She brought a copy for me and there's nothing like seeing your work in '3D'!

This is the first time I was commissioned to illustrate a book, and that I was not both the author and illustrator. I truly loved the experience, and hope I get the opportunity to work with Teresa again, as well as other authors and songwriters in the future.

Monkey iPhone Case

Here's the little swinging monkey from the book on Teresa's phone!

Horchata NYC

Horchata NYC

The restaurant 'Horchata' made a great backdrop to our evening!

The Right Thing to Do by Teresa Chi / Illustrated by Ashley Lucas

The Right Thing to Do by Teresa Chi / Illustrated by Ashley Lucas

The Right Thing to Do by Teresa Chi / Illustrated by Ashley Lucas

The Right Thing to Do by Teresa Chi / Illustrated by Ashley Lucas

Snag your copy of 'The Right Thing to Do' online!

And please don't forget to sign up this month for my email list, as I will be giving a FREE digital copy of my next book away next month!!

xo Ashley

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Charming Old Town in Downtown Lancaster

Old Town Lancaster, PA Lady Lucas

While visiting my family this past week, I got to walk around and explore an area of Lancaster City called 'Old Town' that I never really took the time to study growing up as a child.

Old Town Lancaster, PA Lady Lucas

Old Town features about three or four solid blocks of charming homes, gardens and meticulous garage spaces that remind me of some of the Colonial areas tourists flock to in Philadelphia and Boston.

Old Town Lancaster, PA Lady Lucas

There were beautiful flowers, birds and of course squirrels everywhere, and winding brick streets that would make the perfect setting for a photo shoot! ;)

Old Town Lancaster, PA Lady Lucas

Old Town Lancaster, PA Lady Lucas

I really loved getting to explore 'Old Town' and I look forward to going back next time I visit Lancaster!
xo Ashley

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sew Sunny Homestyle = Inspiration Galore

Tone Finnanger - Sew Sunny

I first noticed Tone Finnanger's work at Jo-Ann Fabric a few months ago. I saw a little book with the word 'Tilda' peeking out for the shelf and took a look at it with my mom. I have been thinking about her work ever since, so the last time we went to the store I just had to purchase "Sew Sunny Homestyle"! 

Tone's work is absolutely beautiful and fills your heart with fresh summer thoughts and happiness. Her sewing projects are innovative and make you want to live in the same cottage that was used for all the beautiful photography. I am a sewing beginner, so some of the projects are definitely a little advanced for me now. I mostly just like to leaf through the pages for inspiration.

Rocks with birds

After taking a peek at all the beach items and shells inside the book, I was inspired to draw on these rocks from our Miami trip. I just used a regular black, permanent marker to make these little owls and birds ;)

Fish Plush for Art-of-Crafts

All the lovely plush sea animals in "Sew Sunny Homestyle" made me want to create my own, so I made this little fish plush for the website Art-of-Crafts. Stay tuned for the tutorial later this month, and a series of nautical sewn creatures! I will post the links below in the comment section once they are live.

Are you familiar with Tone's work and lovely style? I'd love to hear from you below and don't forget to sign up for my e-list this month so you don't miss your free copy of my next picture book this August!

xo Ashley 

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Picture Book for Artists

Speech bubbles drawn for the pages of The Angry Artist
Last September I published a post about my next picture book idea called, "The Angry Artist". Ever since I came up with the idea, I've had the pages of the books tacked to my studio wall as a constant reminder - I must finish this project!

Children's Book Process - Lady Lucas

I learned last summer that these three months can be quite slow sales wise for illustrators and art teachers, so my plan is to self publish the book in August 2014!

A page that didn't make the cut ;)
A page I definitely need to keep.
The honest opinion of my family and friends was that the book is really not made for kids... but instead for visual artists... so I have finally began to really embrace the idea and am excited to share this poignant and fun tale of living the creative life with other artists.

All subscribers to my monthly e-newsletter will receive a FREE copy of the ebook when it's released this summer, so don't forget to sign up today so you don't miss it! xo Ashley 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I ♥ Miami

Just wanted to share some pics from our Miami vacation ;) It's such a beautiful city with so many lovely colors. I am forever inspired by the gorgeous buildings, hotels, tropical plants and shore birds.

I want to take in all the lovely memories and add to to my inspiration board for summer artwork. 
Thanks for stopping by as always... xo Ashley

Friday, May 9, 2014

Forest Fairies Coloring Page

fairies free coloring page

Here is a free coloring page to accompany the new Lady Lucas 'minute movie' Forest Fairies on YouTube. Simply right click on the image to save to your computer, then print and color ;)
Don't forget to leave a comment below if you enjoy it!
xo Ashley
PS - More cute downloads in the Lady Lucas Etsy Store.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Final Character Drawing of 'Bunny'

Little Bunny tries some veggies ;)
So, I'm meeting with Teresa of 26Songs today to go over some final illustrations and the cover for her book! I am so excited to get into the final round of things so that her dream can soon be a reality!

Stay tuned to the blog for information on 'The Right Thing to Do'.

xo Ashley

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sneak Peek!

This week I've been busily working on the illustrations for a new children's book! I don't want to reveal too much before it's complete, but I will say the story is very special and written by the talented Teresa Chi of 26Songs
watercolor pencils - my secret weapon while illustrating!
my other secret weapon - coffee!
a sneak peek at some cute skunks
little monkeys are cute too!
love these 'precision' pens and kneaded erasers too
Stay tuned for more info about this very cute story! {The best part is... it's a song too!}.
xo Ashley