Monday, April 21, 2014

For the Love of Easter Eggs

Who doesn't love decorating Easter eggs? Here's some pics from our home this week. Enjoy!

The process begins...
Waiting to be decorated!
My mom making a cute, traditional design. Reminds me of Charlie Brown Easter.

Decorated only with Sharpie markers...
Two of my mom's cute designs.
 Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter Stamp Project

I wanted to make some cute bags for our upcoming Easter celebration, and found these small muslin ones at the Container Store in the gift wrapping section. They work perfectly for hiding little treasures Easter morning.

Using my set of Classic Easter clear stamps from Craffiti Direct, I stamped a boy chick on one bag and a girl chick on the other. I used multi-surface paint for a bright look, and added detail with a fine tipped sharpie.

Pink multi-surface paint was used for the egg shapes ;) You could use regular stamp pads with the same success, but don't forget to place a little paper inside your bag to prevent the color from bleeding through.

Happy Easter and please do let me know if you make these cute goodie bags. I'd love to feature your creations!

xo Ashley

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Paper Moths Art Project

I made these cute paper moths with my students in March and wanted to share a few pics below. All you need are some blank index cards, Sharpies, pastels, green card stock and glue.

After drawing some moth shapes on index cards, the kids can decorate them any way they like with pastels. 

 After cutting the moths out, they can be glued to sturdy green card stock like so:

Even the boys really loved this arts & crafts idea when I mentioned 'moths' instead of butterflies ;)

If you enjoy this craft, please comment below! I would love to hear from the readers of Cupakes + Owls!
xo Ashley

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Old City Philly

This past week I got to explore Old City Philadelphia for my birthday with DW ;) Here are some pics of our adventure below:

Old City Philadelphia

Old City Philadelphia

Old City Philadelphia

Old City Philadelphia

Thank you Misty for the great recommendations! ;) Our favorite street was 3rd, which had some very cool restaurants and shops. If you're looking for a great cocktail 'Prime Stache' is your place with a giant wooden mustache hanging outside. City Tavern is the spot for a nice meal and some great photo ops.

Old City Philadelphia
Until next week...
xo Ashley

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is Here!

Spring officially arrives today, but you still not may be able to pick flowers outside, so why not make your own? I made these with my art students a few weeks ago, and they came up with some awesome ideas. Wish I had pictures of the boys who made Venus Fly Traps! They were my favorite...

DIY Spring Flowers

All you need are some bamboo skewers, hot glue and cut paper. 
Cupcake liners work great for the daffodils.

DIY Spring Flowers

DIY Spring Flowers

Here are some flower shape ideas I drew up quickly before class started...

Well everyone, HAPPY SPRING! And, don't forget to check out the new Lady Lucas Website which is all fresh and clean for March!

xo Ashley 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The First Signs of Spring

Thank goodness the smallest signs of Spring are FINALLY coming out in the New York City area! I enjoyed taking a walk in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens this past weekend. Here are a few snaps of all the colors coming out in the garden!

This bed of crocus was literally the only patch of flowers in the whole garden! There was a line of people taking their picture.

These lovely little flowers were actually in one of the greenhouses, so unfortunately it's not warm enough out to have these beauties outside yet.

So glad March is finally here! Do you have a favorite spring flower? Leave a comment with its name below!
xo Ashley

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Art Now!

Red Tabby with Coffee Art Print
"Coffee Speaks to Me" Lady Lucas 2014

I've just uploaded some new work to my Society6 store. I received a lovely book on handwriting for Valentine's Day, so I'm trying to incorporate that aspect into my new pieces as much as possible. Check out the Lady Lucas Society6 shop online and let me know what you think!

xo Ashley

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blooming Windows

spring flowers

My mom painted these beautiful flowers on her dining room windows to get a start on spring. Thought I would share some pics of her flowers. They were done with acrylic paints. 

spring flowers

spring flowers

spring flowers

Let's all get excited that March will be here this weekend. YES!
xo Ashley

Friday, February 21, 2014

New Easter Stamps to Welcome Spring!

I was super happy to design some Easter clear stamp sets for Craffiti Direct this week. Couldn't wait to think of something other than the winter, snow and bad weather!

Easter Bunny Fun Clear Stamp Set
 This set was inspired by my love of the Easter Bunny. I had a good time thinking up as many Easter sayings as I could think of. The 'peep peep' stamp is probably my favorite ;)

Classic Easter Clear Stamp Set
This set reminds my of my Easters as a child. I always loved chocolate eggs with icing flowers, as well as chicks that were dressed up for the occasion.
Check these adorable stamps out online today and get ready for some early Spring crafting!!
xo Ashley

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to Make Adorable Bunny Valentines

I'm lucky enough to get to make things every day... but I have to say this little project got me seriously excited for Valentine's Day! I noticed a 'Queen of Hearts' playing card project from a 1950's craft book that piqued my interest... and kind of transformed the idea into these adorable bunny valentines! Here's how to make your own!

Materials you will need:
  • white & purple card stock
  • pink & red pipe cleaners
  • miniature playing cards
  • hot glue
  • a pink colored pencil & black fine tipped sharpie
  • miniature pom poms
  • foam hearts for a base or cut cardboard
Cut 1/4 off of a pipe cleaner, and fold the other 3/4's of it in half for the body & legs.
Cut another pipe cleaner in half for the arms. 
Fold both pipe cleaner pieces together like so. 
Hot glue two miniature cards at the top of your bunny. 
Create bunny faces out of white card stock.  
Hot glue your valentine bunny on a little heart base. Glue a purple valentine in his or hand too.
 Don't forget to glue a cute pom pom tail to the back too! 
I'm wishing you all a great Valentine's Day this week... considering the upcoming snow storm, maybe this could be one of your indoor projects? Have a love filled week and just a small announcement that my Etsy store will finally be carrying my felted sculptures & art! Click here to browse the Lady Lucas Store now ;) xo Ashley