Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sweet 2015 European Spring Trends

Spring Trends 2015 | Lady Lucas Blog
A weekly handout from my fav store, Depot! - Note the use of lots of English words thrown in with German ones.
I attended Creativ Salzburg with my hubby David this past weekend, and really enjoyed looking at all the wonderful Spring trends currently going on in Europe. 

Spring Trends 2015 | Lady Lucas Blog
Creative Salzburg - A Gift Industry Trade Show.
Can't wait for the one in the fall!
 So... what's big right now?

Pastels : Pinks, light green, white and light red is hot!
Yellow, Black & White : This combination is in just about every lifestyle shop. Black vases with white dots, yellow hens with black ribbons, etc. etc.
Rabbits : White ceramic rabbits are popular, as well as ones made of wood.
Affordability : I was shocked at the price point for most of the goods on display. Many items were under $10 {retail}. Just when I thought the handmade maker movement was making a big comeback, it seems that mass produced items are bigger than ever.

Spring Trends 2015 | Lady Lucas Blog
I loved this stand so much.
Their products are lovely and the colors reflect what's hot now here in Austria.
 What trends have you noticed lately in the US? Or the UK? Comment below!

Spring Trends 2015 | Lady Lucas Blog
After all the isles of walking, a snack was definitely needed.
Pretzels are everywhere here, and I'm not complaining! ;)
xo Ashley

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Help! The Beatles in Salzburg

Die Beatles in Salzburg | Lady Lucas Blog
Are they afraid of Salzburg? Why do they need 'help'?
After viewing the photos, I realized the title comes from the Beatles movie, 'Help' ;)
I've been studying for the A1 German Test non-stop, and a short trip to the Salzburg Museum helped clear my head today. I've been wanting to see the photo exhibit 'Help! Die Beatles in Salzburg' because the title alone piqued my interest. 

The exhibit, featuring photos by Christian Skrein, is fun, light, and in my option much easier to handle than the emotional exhibit about the World War on the second floor. My favorite snap was of one the Beatles taking a ski lesson. And of course, the pic above of the fab four exiting a plane is iconic as well.

Until next week,
xo Ashley

PS- Do you like the new 'Cupcakes & Owls' blog banner? ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Quick Tips for Cute Etsy Photos

Alphabet Printable Wall Art | Lady Lucas
'A is for Alligator' Alphabet Print by Lady Lucas
I've been working a lot on developing my Etsy store lately, and really enjoyed staging a few photo shoots for my printable goods this month. Here are some tips for super cute photos:

1. Use Natural Light
Nothing looks nicer then natural daylight when shooting your images. I used a butcher block table from IKEA for propping up my goods along with the backdrop of a simple white wall.

2. Props Rule
Props add interest and fun to the products you wish to sell. I have very few items in my new apartment, but I got creative and used a coffee mug, colored pencils, a leftover marzipan mushroom from the holidays, and a cute bird I bought for spring decorating. Fresh flowers are a very easy and affordable way to add interest to photos!
Owl Printable | Lady Lucas
Owl Art Printable by Lady Lucas
3. Have Fun!
Put some music on, brew a cup of coffee, and enjoy your photo shoot. Broadcast it on social media so your followers know what project you're going to offer next!

Please share my Etsy store with anyone you think would enjoy adorable and affordable printables {moms, teachers, grandparents, etc.} I'd really appreciate it!

xo Ashley

PS - I put together my first Etsy treasury this week featuring artists and shops that sell wonderful spring items - you can check it out here!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day! xo

Valentine's Day Illustration by Lady Lucas
He's flying this little heart right to you!
I know I'm one day early... but I try to only post on social media during the weekdays so I wanted to say a huge 'Happy Valentine's Day' to all the Lady Lucas fans out there. Have a lovely Saturday filled with hearts, crafts, a little sugar, and lots of love. XOXOX Ashley

Friday, February 6, 2015

Learning German - One Cute 'Wort' at a Time

I've been working hard at studying German this month to pass a test on the 28th, so new vocabulary words are constantly floating around in my head. Here are three I like the most at the moment - directly from my sketchbook ;)

How cute is 'Kellblatt' for clover leaf?

Have a lovely weekend!
Bussi (little kiss) Ashley

PS - I just published this valentine tutorial video yesterday on YouTube. 
It's cute, and easy to do with the kiddos too!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A New Work Space

Workspace | Lady Lucas
Working on veggie Valentines for friends & family {tutorial to come soon on Art-of-Crafts}
So... my new desk isn't 'officially' set up yet, so the pic above is from our kitchen table.
This week I came across WeWork {a co-working company with some pretty cool spots in NYC!} and I thought it would be a fun idea to show you a little bit around where I've been creating these last few weeks. 

Felting Materials | Lady Lucas
This box from IKEA is the perfect item for organizing felting supplies. The yellow colored boxes were on sale because they weren't popular. Strange, because I think they are the coolest!
Our new place in Salzburg has a storage unit with a big window and I'm so excited to use it this summer as my art studio, but until then - because of the cold weather - I'll be setting up shop in our apartment ;)

Starting afresh with all new containers. The coffee can owl is for my colored pencils, the honey jar is for miniatures and the felted candy is for my sewing needles.

ABC Wall Art | Lady Lucas
The lighting in the living area is thankfully very bright, so I'm able to already stage product shoots for my Etsy items like this snap of my kawaii 'Sweets Alphabet' above. 

I look forward to sharing more pics with you as my creative space develops!

xo Ashley

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Mistletoe Obsession

Mistletoe Salzburg Lady Lucas
From pretty much the first day I got to Salzburg... I immediately noticed all these round green things hanging in every tree. I remember my mom talking about how mistletoe is something of a parasite that grows on trees and I thought, "Could it be?". Well, it is - and I am obsessed. These perfectly round silvery bundles are everywhere here. They are way too high to reach though, so I guess I'll have to settle on buying some at a local market this winter!
Felting Lady Lucas
In other news, I finally got to craft the day away yesterday and will be releasing a really cute tutorial for JCFamilies this Friday.
Heart Pasta Lady Lucas
This pasta at the local Osteria was actually heart shaped! 
 Sticker Napkin Idea Lady Lucas
Our friend Christine made table settings special by adding stickers to each napkin when we had us for dinner. I kept mine of course ;)
 Depot Ad Lady Lucas
I love this catalog cover from the store I stop at called 'Depot'. Aren't these chicks precious?

xo Ashley
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Welcome to Salzburg

Tulips in Salzburg | Lady Lucas
Tulips from our friend Felix. What a sweetie!
Hi Everyone! Just wanted to report that my first week in Salzburg is officially coming to an end, so I wanted to share a few photos and such about my adventure so far...

Food from Uncle Van's | Lady Lucas
Lovely veggie udon noodles with curry. Thank goodness there are some veg options so close to home!
Uncle Van's | Lady Lucas
The artsy door of the restaurant ;)
To recap the week, I'd say that Salzburg is a very gentile and old fashioned place that enjoys keeping traditions alive. The attention to detail here is impressive... every nook and cranny seems to have either a gingham heart, mushroom or marzipan animal to celebrate the New Year placed somewhere within it.

Servus Magazine | Lady Lucas
My favorite magazine here in Austria - 'Servus'. My mother-in-law has hundreds of copies - I've been slowly looking at one or two a day!
Bussi {little kiss},
xo Ashley
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year Craft for the Birds ;)

Birdseed Craft for the New Year | Lady Lucas

Dear Readers, I thought you'd enjoy this cute craft to ring in the New Year. This is a very special handmade treat - because it's just for the birds{and squirrels of course}.

Pine Cone Snacks
You will need:
- sturdy pine cones
- heavy thread or yarn
- peanut butter
- assorted seeds and cereals

Birdseed Craft for the New Year | Lady Lucas
Select a grouping of sturdy pine cones.

Birdseed Craft for the New Year | Lady Lucas
 Tie some string around the top of each and knot again forming a loop for which the pine cone will hang.

Birdseed Craft for the New Year | Lady Lucas
Using a knife, generously cover the outside of each pine cone with peanut butter, then roll them in a tray of seeds and grains.

Birdseed Craft for the New Year | Lady Lucas
Hang your pine cone snacks outside and wait for animals to enjoy them ;)

Birdseed Craft for the New Year | Lady Lucas
All SEVEN of the pine cones we put outside were promptly pulled off the trees within an hour or two by squirrels. I was thrilled that at least someone was enjoying them...

Happy 2015 Everyone!

xo Ashley
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas! Day 25 - Snow Friends

Snow Friends by Lady Lucas | #25DaysofSnowmen
Title: Snow Friends
Medium: Watercolor Pencil, Marker
Inspiration: Something friendly & sweet for Christmas ;)

Sadly, today is the last illustration of #25DaysofSnowmen. Thank you all for following along on this blog advent event! If you enjoyed the illustrations, please share them with someone you love over Christmas break - I'd surely appreciate it! 

xo Ashley
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