Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Peacock Peeps Art Project

I had some leftover marshmallow Peeps this year that were too stale to eat... so I thought they might make a wonderful art project instead of just hitting the trash bin ;) These work great with any color or Peeps candy that you might have left over from Easter... 

supplies needed
1 row stale Peeps candy
acrylic paints
small to medium sized paint brushes
a piece of wire or a thin pipe cleaner
acrylic sealant

Select a row of Peeps that are sealed together and not falling apart... 
Paint on your Peeps using acrylic paints. I used orange, red, pink and turquoise here but you can use your imagination with whatever colors you have at home. I kind of was going for a 'peacock theme'.
Another idea is to add different colors to each Peep.
Pierce the back of your Peeps with a little piece of  'U-shaped' wire
or a pipe cleaner so it will hang on the wall.

Spray your creation outdoors with four or five coats of acrylic sealant.
This is the part you'll definitely need an adult's help with!! 
Hang your Peacock Peeps up in a cozy spot in your home away from direct sunlight. Enjoy!!

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