Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Help! The Beatles in Salzburg

Die Beatles in Salzburg | Lady Lucas Blog
Are they afraid of Salzburg? Why do they need 'help'?
After viewing the photos, I realized the title comes from the Beatles movie, 'Help' ;)
I've been studying for the A1 German Test non-stop, and a short trip to the Salzburg Museum helped clear my head today. I've been wanting to see the photo exhibit 'Help! Die Beatles in Salzburg' because the title alone piqued my interest. 

The exhibit, featuring photos by Christian Skrein, is fun, light, and in my option much easier to handle than the emotional exhibit about the World War on the second floor. My favorite snap was of one the Beatles taking a ski lesson. And of course, the pic above of the fab four exiting a plane is iconic as well.

Until next week,
xo Ashley

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