Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Turkeys, Roosters & Snowdrops

Turkey Photography by Lady Lucas
These two old fellas {or ladies?} were talking turkey and seemed to own the territory.
I'm a huge animal lover, and I'll take any opportunity to visit them, look at them or hold them! Luckily, in a city where I haven't seen more than two or three wild creatures in a span of two months, this lovely nature preserve right outside of Salzburg city was just what I needed last weekend.

Snowdrop Photograph by Lady Lucas
Snowdrops in full bloom!
Rooster Photo by Lady Lucas
This rooster was really just showing off.
I don't know the name of this farm, but I will try and find out so I can post it here for others. Basically, geese, flamingos, turkeys, hens, roosters, goats and pigs all live together in harmony.

Rooster & Cat Photo by Lady Lucas
Cats walking freely with birds. Such a great sight!
You're allowed to bring bread and veggies to the animals which is another great part of a day trip here.

Hen Photo by Lady Lucas
Isn't she lovely?
Flamingo Photo by Lady Lucas
Flamingos in Salzburg?? Yes!
Austria Photo by Lady Lucas

Goat Photo by Lady Lucas
Sound of Music Pond by Lady Lucas
This pond appeared in 'The Sound of Music' and is located steps away from the nature preserve.
Animals are always a joy. These guys made my week!

xo Ashley

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