Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birds Wall Painting Tutorial

Before moving into my new studio space, I wanted to decorate it with birds, birds, birds! To my surprise and excitement, my new desk is the most amazing spot to view every little guy you can imagine including seagulls, wrens, crows, doves and today another beautiful red hawk! With that said, check out this tutorial showing how I've created my most recent work of bird art :

To make your Happy Birds you will need:
  • a wooden panel {about 8"x 8"}
  • acrylic paint in bright colors
  • paint brushes
  • fabric scraps
  • scissors and glue
  • pencil and large tipped Sharpie marker
  • optional - blush makeup, Mod Podge or acrylic sealer
Step One
Purchase an inexpensive wood panel from the craft store. I loved this one because of its square shape and fancy edges. Paint your entire panel one solid color to start with. I chose robin's egg blue.

Step Two
If your panel is flat on the back, you may want to drill a hole before continuing. If your wood piece is perfectly square and thick, you might be able to just prop it on a shelf without hanging it...

Step Three
Now you want to sketch a rough idea of your drawing with a pencil very lightly. I thought a big mamma bird with two chicks would look cute. Remember, the lighter you draw your image the better so it's easier to cover with the paint!

Step Four
Paint your birds using brightly colored acrylic paint. You will need multiple coats of paint to make it look truly opaque, as wood sucks the moisture in quickly. I added a bright color to the edges of my wood panel to make the picture in the middle really 'pop'.

For a bold black outline, use a large tipped Sharpie marker.

Step Five
Add scraps of fabric to your bird to add interest such as wings for the mamma bird and bellies for the baby birds. Any bright fabric or felt will do! Add a little blush to your birds with a small paint brush if you'd like. Also, if you want your bird painting to last a good long time, spray with acrylic sealer in a well ventilated area.

If a child is completing this project alone, Mod Podge or another non-toxic compound will work great too!

Hang your Happy Birds on your favorite wall and enjoy!
PS - If you LOVE this piece would like to own it... buy it on Etsy here.

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