Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Mistletoe Obsession

Mistletoe Salzburg Lady Lucas
From pretty much the first day I got to Salzburg... I immediately noticed all these round green things hanging in every tree. I remember my mom talking about how mistletoe is something of a parasite that grows on trees and I thought, "Could it be?". Well, it is - and I am obsessed. These perfectly round silvery bundles are everywhere here. They are way too high to reach though, so I guess I'll have to settle on buying some at a local market this winter!
Felting Lady Lucas
In other news, I finally got to craft the day away yesterday and will be releasing a really cute tutorial for JCFamilies this Friday.
Heart Pasta Lady Lucas
This pasta at the local Osteria was actually heart shaped! 
 Sticker Napkin Idea Lady Lucas
Our friend Christine made table settings special by adding stickers to each napkin when we had us for dinner. I kept mine of course ;)
 Depot Ad Lady Lucas
I love this catalog cover from the store I stop at called 'Depot'. Aren't these chicks precious?

xo Ashley
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