Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A New Work Space

Workspace | Lady Lucas
Working on veggie Valentines for friends & family {tutorial to come soon on Art-of-Crafts}
So... my new desk isn't 'officially' set up yet, so the pic above is from our kitchen table.
This week I came across WeWork {a co-working company with some pretty cool spots in NYC!} and I thought it would be a fun idea to show you a little bit around where I've been creating these last few weeks. 

Felting Materials | Lady Lucas
This box from IKEA is the perfect item for organizing felting supplies. The yellow colored boxes were on sale because they weren't popular. Strange, because I think they are the coolest!
Our new place in Salzburg has a storage unit with a big window and I'm so excited to use it this summer as my art studio, but until then - because of the cold weather - I'll be setting up shop in our apartment ;)

Starting afresh with all new containers. The coffee can owl is for my colored pencils, the honey jar is for miniatures and the felted candy is for my sewing needles.

ABC Wall Art | Lady Lucas
The lighting in the living area is thankfully very bright, so I'm able to already stage product shoots for my Etsy items like this snap of my kawaii 'Sweets Alphabet' above. 

I look forward to sharing more pics with you as my creative space develops!

xo Ashley

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