Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Welcome to Salzburg

Tulips in Salzburg | Lady Lucas
Tulips from our friend Felix. What a sweetie!
Hi Everyone! Just wanted to report that my first week in Salzburg is officially coming to an end, so I wanted to share a few photos and such about my adventure so far...

Food from Uncle Van's | Lady Lucas
Lovely veggie udon noodles with curry. Thank goodness there are some veg options so close to home!
Uncle Van's | Lady Lucas
The artsy door of the restaurant ;)
To recap the week, I'd say that Salzburg is a very gentile and old fashioned place that enjoys keeping traditions alive. The attention to detail here is impressive... every nook and cranny seems to have either a gingham heart, mushroom or marzipan animal to celebrate the New Year placed somewhere within it.

Servus Magazine | Lady Lucas
My favorite magazine here in Austria - 'Servus'. My mother-in-law has hundreds of copies - I've been slowly looking at one or two a day!
Bussi {little kiss},
xo Ashley
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