Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October Foodie Finds

Had a great meal at the Jersey City restaurant Razza the other night and wanted to share ;) Awesome cocktail, fancy olive oil tasting and lovely dessert all pictured below. This place is a sweet spot for a special date night. Also spotted lots of families with cute, well behaved little ones... so definitely kid friendly too. They seemed to really love the pizza!

Also got to check out the Tribeca market 'All Good Things' this week. A beautiful, narrow marketplace where you can purchase lovely flowers, great coffee, food to go - and there's even a little dinette in the back for a quick bite. Most items were out of my every day price range, but it's a great place for a splurge. 

Hope you're all enjoying the last week of October! 
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Thank you! xo Ashley

PS - Adding a last minute idea... Fall Brownies!
Cut brownies into cubes... add a little peanut butter to the top, and place a sugar pumpkin on top!

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