Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Handmade Haunted House

Try this adorable craft as a last minute Halloween craft this week! My students loved it, but adults get just excited so don't feel bad if you're running now for the glue gun!

To make this awesome little home you will need:
a paper lunch bag {white is best!}
a folded piece of paper for the roof
old newspaper
markers & crayons
hot glue & a stapler
recycled pieced of cardboard
optional : dried moss, cheesecloth, Halloween miniatures

1. Lay the lunch bag out flat and decorate with markers first. Add a door, windows, spiders and lots of ghosts and ghouls! Color in with crayons in desired.

2. Decorate the folded piece of paper that will be the roof with markers... shingles are cute or even words like 'Boo' and 'Spooky'.

3. Stuff the bag house with crumpled newspaper and staple the paper roof on top.

4. Hot glue the house to a cardboard base and decorate with Halloween miniatures, moss and if you wish... cheesecloth ghosts! All I did was cut squares of cheesecloth and poked my finger through the middle to make a ghost shape. Use thread or a pipe cleaner to secure the head shape.

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xo Ashley

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