Thursday, October 17, 2013

Haunted Hoboken

Love this house. Mostly cute and not too scary... my style.
I was dead tired after teaching the little ones at the Halloween Workshop yesterday... but I just had to take a walk down Garden Street to check out the amazing decorations! I was blown away after seeing the creativity last year for the first time.... and visiting this area of Hoboken each October should be a tradition for everyone that is young at heart.

Cobwebs and orange lights are everywhere.
Most of the best displays are located somewhere between 9th and 14th Streets on Park and Garden Streets. Know another great block? Please comment below!

Love this house... amazing!
This is how tired I feel this month after all the events. LOL!!
Love this guy. Great pose!
Great sense of humor. Amazing!
Can I serve you some eyeballs?
Fabulous. Praying Mantis Ghost. 
This one receives my first place ribbon.
So creative... so simple, yet gave me the biggest laugh!
PS - How do you like the new blog layout and header?

Happy Halloween! xo Ashley

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