Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 9 - Snow Sheep

Snow Sheep by Lady Lucas | #25DaysofSnowmen
Title: Snow Sheep
Medium: Watercolor, Marker
Inspiration: On the flight down to Miami, I was feeling my typical 'I hate flying!' feelings, when suddenly the little kid next to me said that all the clouds outside look like floating sheep. I looked out the window and it was so magical it got me through all that flying anxiety. Another cool thing about today is it's my niece's birthday and she absolutely loves sheep! ;)
Can't wait to see what adorable snow creature awaits tomorrow? 
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Snowman by Nicole Crafts
Check out this awesome Durafoam Snowman by Darice. I noticed it in an ad for A.C. Moore, and I can't wait to buy one next time I stop into the store!

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