Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Meatless Madness

As my month of vegetarianism comes to an end... 
I wanted to share some of the highlights from my week:

Here's my own version of Panera Bread's Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich. Add pesto to one slice of bread and tomato hummus to the other. Fill your sandwich with cut cucumbers, sliced onions, lettuce, tomatoes and feta cheese... Very, very yummy!

 Toast Italian bread for five minutes with a dash of olive oil in the center and some fresh rosemary. Very delicious!

My honey made these Austrian delights this week. I call them 'potato pillows'. You eat them with sauerkraut and the combo is delicious!

In other news, voting is now open for Martha Stewart's American Made Event this October. If you have a moment, please vote for Lady Lucas
It would mean a lot to me!!
xo Ashley

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