Monday, April 16, 2012

Great Advice for Greeting Card Designers

I've been lucky enough to get a peek into the greeting card industry the last few years, and recently came across a great blog which has amazing information for designers.  Kate Harper's Blog of Greeting Card Design contains a wealth of information as well as features Kate's own bright and wonderful designs. Check it out today! Here is a little more about Kate below:

I combine witty words, vibrant colors, and curious textures to communicate edgy and uplifting messages in order to remind us all to not take things too seriously. 

I have designed over 800 gift items including greeting cards, magnets, t-shirts, coasters, placemats, rubber stamps, coffee mugs, paper pads, towels, and embroidery kits. In my spare time I write a design blog, collect "mail art", volunteer at the local Theology School, and have a special interest in bringing gift design into mobile device world, such as for cellphones, tablets, and e-readers. I am also energized by my collaboration with other artists in the San Francisco bay area, in our continual exploration of ways to bring an independent vision into the marketplace. 

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