Friday, April 6, 2012

Featured Artist : Julie Bull

I came across Julie's work this year and love her style!  Here's a little more about her below:
Welcome to the unique collection of hand embroidered textile art, illustration and accessories designed and handmade by Julie Bull. Julie works from her home studio in Lancashire, using recycled fabrics to create multi-appliquéd and embroidered illustrations that explore childhood memories and narratives. Patchwork, appliqué, kantha stitching and hand embroidery are blended into a quilt like cloth rich in imagery, colour and texture.
Materials used in the work predominately come from her large collection of fabrics collected over the years with cherished scraps often being incorporated into the designs. Recycled fragments of commercial and vintage fabrics are over dyed by hand to create a soft, faded, and comfortable to touch fabric with a sense of nostalgia. The look is endearingly charming with a fairy tale quality.
“I see my work as a narrative art form that satisfies my creative desire for storytelling. Since childhood I have been fascinated by the Welsh storytelling tradition, legends, tales of old magic and stories of Merlin and King Arthur. My aim is to be a storyteller in the best tradition of Folk Artists”. Julie's illustrations are becoming increasing sought after with many of her original works now in private collections.

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