Monday, April 2, 2012

Character Craft : Bunny Puppet

This adorable Bunny will keep the little ones occupied this Easter...
1 paper lunch bag, white & black construction paper, white paint,
1 pink fuzz ball, crayons & glue

How To:
1) Paint the front of a brown lunch bag white. 
Let dry 5 minutes.

2) Cut out two ears, two arms, and some circles for eyes.

3) Glue arms, eyes and ears on.  Curl the little ears and add 
some crayon color if you wish.

4) Glue a cute, pink fuzz ball on for the nose.  If you
happen to have a white cotton ball... you can use
it as a little tail and glue it on the back.

5) Put your hand inside and use as a puppet!!

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