Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to Make Adorable Bunny Valentines

I'm lucky enough to get to make things every day... but I have to say this little project got me seriously excited for Valentine's Day! I noticed a 'Queen of Hearts' playing card project from a 1950's craft book that piqued my interest... and kind of transformed the idea into these adorable bunny valentines! Here's how to make your own!

Materials you will need:
  • white & purple card stock
  • pink & red pipe cleaners
  • miniature playing cards
  • hot glue
  • a pink colored pencil & black fine tipped sharpie
  • miniature pom poms
  • foam hearts for a base or cut cardboard
Cut 1/4 off of a pipe cleaner, and fold the other 3/4's of it in half for the body & legs.
Cut another pipe cleaner in half for the arms. 
Fold both pipe cleaner pieces together like so. 
Hot glue two miniature cards at the top of your bunny. 
Create bunny faces out of white card stock.  
Hot glue your valentine bunny on a little heart base. Glue a purple valentine in his or hand too.
 Don't forget to glue a cute pom pom tail to the back too! 
I'm wishing you all a great Valentine's Day this week... considering the upcoming snow storm, maybe this could be one of your indoor projects? Have a love filled week and just a small announcement that my Etsy store will finally be carrying my felted sculptures & art! Click here to browse the Lady Lucas Store now ;) xo Ashley

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