Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The E Myth for Artists

It all started a few months ago. My mentor at NYC SCORE suggested I read, "The E Myth Revisited" by Michael E. Gerber and I've been hearing about it non-stop since that day! In podcasts, in articles, on LinkedIn - EVERYWHERE! Basically, I got the message that if you want to be in business you need to read this book.

I admittedly tried to take the shortcut by reading a short synopsis online, but I wasn't satisfied. I still felt I needed to read the whole thing to get it.

The E Myth Revisited - Image from Amazon.Com
So after happily receiving it as a Christmas gift, I buried myself in the chapters over the holiday break and finished it yesterday! Here's the deal - obviously if you want to remain a solo artist and not get into the headache of expanding your work with employees, etc. it might not at first grab you with all the talk of turn key businesses, etc., BUT, this book addresses some very key issues relating to anyone that seeking more advice and direction with their career {creatives or otherwise}.

The book uses real life experiences and people to illustrate the point that any business is more about the feeling it offers to people than the product. It talks extensively about how organization is key for any kind of success. It talks about not being afraid to get a little uncomfortable as you grow. There are so many words of wisdom in this book, no synopsis will do it justice. And all of its lessons can be applied to any creative person seeking to monetize their career. 

If you'd like to purchase Michael's book on Amazon I'll add a link here for you: The E Myth Revisited 

Read it already? Please write a comment below with your thoughts!!

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