Thursday, February 9, 2012

Colorful Gnomes by Magdalen C. Mowery

I have always loved these colorful gnomes by Magdalen C. Mowery.  Unique, sweet and colorful, these gnomes would be an awesome addition to almost any little nook in your house, or great for some fun outside play dates in the summer.  Visit the gnomes here.

When I was little, two of my favorite things in the whole world were fairy tales and science fiction. Because of this, as a child I use to make little dolls and creatures out of felt. For some reason I have recently had a very strong urge to do this again. These little critters are inspired by one of my favorite subjects of folklore, the gnome. These little gnome-like forms are made out of felt and colorful wool fiber. The gnomes vary in size, but most are about 3 inches tall. - MC Mowery

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